Single and multilingual technical documentations

To guarantee the quality of our work we have specialized in a specific domain: industrial technologies. Thus, over the decades we have not only come to know pretty well our Customers inside the branch of the capital equipment manufacturing, their needs, operating principles and enterprise philosophies, but have also accumulated a vast treasure of specialist know-how and expertise. Therefore, it is not by chance that we can present ourselves successfully as the Language Service Provider around your single and multilanguage technical documentations:

  • Technical editing in German and English
  • Monolingual and multilingual technical terminology in all major languages
  • Technical translation and localization between all major languages

As the result of our many years of practical experience, we are also a knowledgeable partner for a wide range of other projects. We offer the expertise to optimize your documentation-relevant information flow and remove all unnecessary redundancies and processing disruptions. We structure your documentation so that text and graphic modules as well as versions and language variants can be managed with a suitable editorial system, allowing you to save significant resources in the documentation and translation cycle. We are also happy to help you implement an editorial system to efficiently handle modular documentation, a translation memory system, or our terminology sharing system “nexus tBase”.